Meet the YourPrivateCreations team

We are Mark and Michelle. We are Artists dedicated to the beauty of the human body. We want to make anybody look their very best, no matter age, shape size or sexual orientation.

Since 2011, we have been creating the most personal art possible. Many customers have sent us their private photos, and the results are proudly displayed in the privacy of their bedrooms.

Almost everybody has a digital camera or smartphone nowadays. Maybe you already have a number of private photos. Otherwise it is real fun to have your own photo session. Get inspired by the examples you will find on our site and take a whole bunch of photos of yourself, your wife, your husband, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, or you as a couple. Or how about a naked selfie? Don't worry too much about the quality. We have advanced digital editing tools that will help us create something unique and amazing. Just for you!

We specialize in turning nude or semi-nude STRAIGHT or GAY photos into a beautiful work of art, but you decide how explicit you want it to be. Don't forget that showing less can be more sexy or erotic. And of course your work of art does not need to be erotic in nature at all. Just look at the GLAMOUR PORTRAITS examples and imagine what we can do with a photo YOU send us!

Do you have your own ideas? We love custom projects. Just let us know what you are thinking and we will try to realize your vision!

We treat all projects discreetly and confidentially and we will work with you until you are perfectly happy with how we transform your photo into your own (erotic) work of art! Also, we will NEVER put your photo or work of art on our website without your wtitten permission.

We look forward to showing you what we can do with YOUR photo!

Kind Regards,
Mark and Michelle

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How does it work

SELECT that special photo

Start with something fun and exciting. Take out your digital camera and have your own photo session! We suggest you take a whole bunch of photos, and identify the perfect one for the style you want for your work of art.

Nude or not
We are creators of Glamorous and Erotic Art. It will be difficult to embarrass us. We have no problem with nudity or sexually explicit photos, gay or straight. YOU decide how explicit you want your creation to be. But let's keep it stylish. We are all about erotic art, not pornography.

START your free, no-obligations project

Click GET STARTED, select Mark or Michelle as your artist, fill in the form and upload your photo. You wil be able to provide special input so we can better understand what you are looking for.

t worry about the quality of your picture (exposure, sharpness, blurr, composition). It's more important what you have captured in your photo! We use advanced digital editing tools to create your unique masterpiece.


After we receive your digital photo, we will go to work: blemishes will be erased, backgrounds cleaned up or replaced, distractions removed and your picture will be transformed into a Work of Art in the style you have chosen. This process normally takes only a few days.

We will e-mail you a PDF document with your proof. Take some distance from your computer screen to get a great impression of your own Work of 
Art. You can send requests for further changes. We will try to work with you as long as it takes to make you perfectly happy!

When you love the way your photo has been transformed we hope you will place an order. However, there is no obligation to buy at all. Send us your special photo now and be amazed with what one of us can do with it!


When you love the proof, we hope you will order your own Work of Art. Just return to and click on the BUY YOUR ART tab in the top right corner.

We use professional printing equipment and high quality canvas and photo paper to print your masterpiece. Our shipping method is USPS - Priority (2-5 business days). Prints are only available for customers in the USA. We offer high resolution jpeg and PDF files in case you want to print yourself.


We understand that we are dealing with very personal photos and we will treat your project in a confidential and professional way. All our shipments are in a neutral packaging.

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